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Company History

Achilles Motorsports, Inc. was founded in 2002 by two friends, Mino Iorgoveanu and VJ Mirzayan, who shared a passion for motorsports.

Mino's career started in the early 70's when he worked for the factory Renault & Fiat rally team in Europe. After his last 2 year stint in Germany working for the likes of Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari he moved to the United States in the early 80's to start his own automotive repair business specializing in BMW, Porsche and Mercedes and engineering race cars and race engines.

VJ always had the passion for speed, but when his dream to become a fighter pilot was denied due to his poor vision he was not discouraged. He went on to obtain his private pilot license at the young age of seventeen. After completing his doctorate degree from Pitt. University VJ moved back to California where his passion for speed led him into racing cars. After a few short years of club racing VJ worked his way up to the professional ranks. He raced six years in Grand-Am for teams including Fountain Motorsports, Turner Motorsports racing BMW's as well as RSR Motorsports racing Mini Coopers with multiple podium finishes.

Mino and VJ's shared passion eventually led their two paths to cross and Achilles Motorsports was born. Both men shared the drive to build cars with aeronautical precision. This culmination of two dynamic backgrounds forged the birth of many unique parts offered by Achilles Motorsports.

Company Philosophy
Achilles Motorsports was founded on the belief that in motorsports the highest quality manufacturing and design was necessary for success. Therefore we set out to offer components which are designed with fanatical attention to detail and manufactured by the highest industry standards and materials. We also believe that testing in the real world(I.e. Racetrack) is a critical part of development, hence all the Achilles Motorsports parts have passed strenuous testing to meet and exceed our standards.
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