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Achilles Motorsports Differential Oil Cooler Kit with Tru-Cool Cooler

Achilles Motorsports Differential Oil Cooler Kit with Tru-Cool Cooler

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Achilles Motorsports Differential Oil Cooler Kit was put together as a simple installation kit. It is designed to keep the differential oil temperature under control durring harsh race conditions.

Often overlooked, differential coolers offer a tremendous improvement to the longevity of your differential. Under racing conditions the extreme stresses and environment create intense amounts of heat which can often lead to thinning oil which usually leads to premature failure of the differential. By adding a cooler you keep the gear oil at a more consistent temperature allowing it to better do it's job protecting your differential.

Tru-Cool LPD Patented stacked plate design offers the lowest flow restriction and the greatest heat transfer. It is a great product at any price! The new anti-clog design ensures maximum airflow through the cooler at all time. All coolers come with a built in bracket and 1/2" NPT fittings. We have rigorously tested the reliability of the Tru-Cool cooler in our 25 Hour endurance racecar for the last 4 year without issue!

This kit is designed to plumb directly into your differentials drain and fill ports. No need to drill or tap the diff housing.
Please understand that custom installations may require different hose ends.
Our Kit Includes:
  • Tru-Cool 24 Row Oil Cooler with built-in mounting bracket
  • Mocal/Tilton Electric Oil pump (Heavy Duty continuous use)
  • 6 -8AN Fittings
  • 2 M22 Fittings
  • 2 NPT Fittings
  • 6 or 10ft of hose
  • 6 Cushioned hose clamps

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