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Achilles Motorsports Headers - Built to Customer Specification BMW E36 E46

Achilles Motorsports Headers - Built to Customer Specification BMW E36 E46

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Achilles Motorsports Exhaust Headers are designed and fabricated to our exclusive specifications by one of the most respected fabrication shops in the United States. In order to design a good and effective exhaust system or tuned headers it is important to select the correct tube size and length based on the engines application and specifications. For all of our racing headers we use a stepped design type system which gives you the best of both worlds in terms of performance. The smaller primary tube will increase velocity and give more torque, while the larger secondary tubing will allow the engine to breath better for more power on the top end. It is important to note that the tube diameter (size) has a great effect on the speed of the exhaust pulses. If the diameter is too large the gas velocity is lessened and the headers are less effective.

Our headers are designed to maximize the exhaust flow and feature
C.N.C. laser cut flanges that are port matched as well as Formula one style merge collectors that help reduce the turbulence to help maintain velocity and increase the scavenging effect of the header assembly. We use .049"(18 Gauge) or .065"(16 gauge) 304, 321, and 347 stainless steel exclusively and only mandrel bend tubing. We also fabricate our own mufflers.

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