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Achilles Motorsports BMW M50, S50, S52US, M52TU, M54 Solid Lifter Conversion Kit

Achilles Motorsports BMW M50, S50, S52US, M52TU, M54 Solid Lifter Conversion Kit



Product Details
When building a high performance or full race engines we highly recommend switching to our lightweight solid lifter conversion setup. This will replace the factory hydraulic lifters which are the weak link in BMW engine valvetrain.

Our kit works flawlessly with all the major camshaft manufactures that are designed to work with solid lifters only. The lightweight design will allow the engine builder to take full advantage of the high-performance and race camshafts for greatly improved throttle response and higher RPM.

Our kit will eliminate the common problems associated with OEM type hydraulic lifters when they are used with high-performance and race camshafts that are more aggressive. It will prevent the piston to valve contact/collision which occurs when the hydraulic lifters are pumped up due to over-reving of the engine. It will also eliminate the commonly heard valvetrain noise associated with the hydraulic lifter when they had bleed down creating slack in the valvetrain. It is inexpensive insurance agains catastrophic valvetrain damage.

When used in a race application please be sure to verify the rules allow the modification.

About Supertech Bucket Type Cam Followers
These Bucket lifters are designed using the latest CATIA CAD software and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) for the high demanding conditions of endurance racing, road racing or drag racing.
They cannot be compared in any sense with the cheaper, extruded or factory supplied lifters due to the superior materials, coatings and superb manufacturing that is only found at a Formula 1 level.

Some features of our Supertech lifters are:
  • Aerospace certified Chrome-Molybdenum-Vanadium alloy from Austria. This is a much stronger material than the alloys used in factory extruded lifters.
  • Completely CNC machined from heat treated billet provides only the necessary and calculated thickness of the walls with very special shapes, providing better rigidity with an important reduction in weight.
  • The lifters are fully Nitrided and polished to harden the surface to about 60Rc for low wear. Higher cam lifts and rpms will submit conventional lifters to an important wear.
  • Surface is carefully finished by grinding it to a much lower surface roughness for lower friction with the cams, cylinder head bore, providing longer durability.
That is why Supertech lifters are REAL RACING lifters, and the answer for your racing engines.
24 - Solid Lifters 24 - Adjusting Lash Caps

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