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Achilles Motorsports Upgraded Oil Pump - BMW M52TU

Achilles Motorsports Upgraded Oil Pump - BMW E46 M52TU



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Oil Pump & Core Options:

Product Details
After witnessing countless instances of sheered shafts or stripped splines on stock shafts and considering how extremely common it is for the BMW oil pump nut to simply come loose and fall off leaving you with an instant loss of oil pressure we decided to develop the ultimate solution. Don't let your oil pump fail leaving you in a compromising situation on the side of the road or worse, side of the racetrack! We've seen it happen to completely stock street driven cars leaving the owner with costly engine repair bills. This is the Ultimate Solution for street cars to full blown race machines. Put through its paces in extreme endurance racing and battle tested on professional high horsepower turbocharged Formula Drift machines.

Key Features
  • Hardened chromoly centerless ground shaft
  • EDM Drilled Bolt with safety wire included
  • Left hand threaded to prevent it from coming loose
  • Exclusively keyed shaft and drive gear
  • Rebuilt using Genuine BMW internals & seals
  • Grade 8 hardware to secure the gear to shaft
  • 100% serviceable & rebuildable
  • Includes new OEM O-Ring for the Suction Tube
You can purchase a Brand New Genuine BMW Oil Pump with our Achilles Motorsports Upgraded Oil Pump Shaft Kit pre-installed or a remanufactured BMW pump with our Oil Pump Upgrade Shaft pre-installed can be supplied by us. You can also send in your good working pump to be professionally rebuilt with our Upgraded Shaft Kit and returned to you.

Each oil pump is fully disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Our remanufactured pumps also have all the internals, seals, and springs replaced with new Genuine BMW parts. Then we install our custom machined chromoly shaft that is centerless ground, tapped with internal left hand threads then heat treated to ensure maximum strength. We include a Grade 8 bolt and washer to properly secure our Double-D keyed oil pump drive gear to the shaft. The included bolt is also EDM drilled for safety wire(included) to further eliminate the possibility of it ever coming loose unintentionally, a feature only offered by Achilles Motorsports.. This way if the oil pump ever needs to be serviced it is just as easy to take apart as the factory pump, unlike other fixes that may require grinding to remove the gear.

Oil Pump & Core Charge Options
  • Brand New OEM Pump with Upgraded Shaft Kit Select this option from the menu above if you would like a Brand New Oil Pump with our Upgraded Oil Pump Shaft kit Pre-Installed. No core return is necessary when selecting this option.

  • Remanufactured BMW Pump with Upgraded Shaft & I'll return a core:We collect a $200 refundable core charge and send you an Upgraded Oil Pump that has been remanufactured. Then once you return your pump you can receive a $200 refund for the core as long as it is in working and rebuildable condition. (Allows the least amount of downtime for your car)

  • I will send in my pump to get upgraded:You send in your pump to Achilles Motorsports and as long as it is in working and rebuildable condition we can professionally service and rebuild your pump, install our Upgraded Shaft kit, then send it back to you. (Typically a 2-3 Day Turnaround Once Pump Is Received)

    • Please remember, sending in a core does not guarantee a refund. In some cases the internals of the pump are damaged beyond reconditioning. In the event of this happening you will be contacted and made aware of the situation as well as have your pump returned to you.
    • ONLY Genuine BMW pumps are accepted as a core. Aftermarket pumps cannot be accepted.

Fits the Following Vehicles & Engines
  • BMW E46 328i, 328Ci, 328xi with M52TU Engine
Tech Tip
  • At the same time, while the oil pan is removed we recommend to install our Achilles Motorsports Oil Pan Baffle E46, Z4, - BMW M52TU M54 Engines, if not already installed.

Available Accessories
Achilles Motorsports Upgraded Oil Pump Shaft Kit - BMW M54, M52TU

Achilles Motorsports Upgraded Oil Pump Shaft Kit - BMW M54, M52TU
Achilles Motorsports Oil Pan Baffle E46, Z4, - BMW M52TU M54 Engines

Achilles Motorsports Oil Pan Baffle E46, Z4, - BMW M52TU M54 Engines

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