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Evolution Racewerks Diverter Valve Charge Pipe - BMW 135, 1M & E9X 335 with 3.0TT N54 Engine
Evolution Racewerks Diverter Valve Charge Pipe - BMW 135, 1M & E9X 335 with 3.0TT N54 Engine

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Product Details
Product Features
  • Sharpens throttle response and improves turbo lag.
  • Skilfully crafted from High Grade 6061 Aluminum.
  • 3" Piping matched throttle body for increased efficiency.
  • Utilizes a Precision CNC machined factory styled o-ring lock flange.
  • CNC MAP sensor flange for an optimum seal.
  • Bead Rolled ends with T-bolt clamps for maximum strength when under boost.
  • Compatible with OEM diverter valve.
  • All hardware included for easy installation.
  • Backed by Evolution Racewerks Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Development directly through Evolution Racewerks (E.R.) BMW 135i Time Attack program. E.R. noticed the factory diverter valves were having issued with durability when subjected to high boost pressures so they sought out a solution to replace them. They realized in order to do so they must optimize the OEM diverter valve charge pipes which lead to their new design.The way boosted intake airflow characteristics affect your vehicles throttle response, turbo spool, and the engines overall ability to make more power is usually something that gets overlooked. Clean bends, transitions and overall reduction of obstructions along the intake path make for a more ideal & efficient air utilization. By eliminating the OEM Sound Baffle, which splits the air and creates unnecessary turbulence, Evolution Racewerks was able to maximize the airflow through the throttle body with minimal obstruction increasing power potential!.

Since one of the reasons for changing out the factory diverter valves was to prevent boost leaks (from prematurely opening on high boost), causing boost leaks while upgrading the diverter valve would be counterproductive. During research and development, the connection at the throttle body was looked over very carefully. Evolution Racewerks (E.R.) was the first manufacturer that chose to replicate the OEM throttle body flange on their N54 charge pipes. Why not utilize the same tried and tested connection. which BMW uses in many vital places throughout the vehicle such as the clutch system and cooling system. While testing the charge pipes E.R pushed it up to 25 PSI. During their test one of the intake pipes on the turbo blew off so they could not continue to test any higher. The test showed it would easily hold over 25 PSI.

Other manufactures have choose to use silicone hoses where their pipes connect to the throttle body since it is cheaper to design than the proper flange and clip setup. The Problem though lies in the throttle body lip, which is much too short for a proper connection. And since there are no beads there is nothing to prevent the hoses from slipping off under boost. This is the reason Evolution Racewerks invested so much time and dedication in replicating the OEM style connection.

The MAP sensor also poised an issue with sealing properly. The OEM MAP sensor utilizes an o-ring on the sensor itself to seal against the flange on the factory pipe. While other have decided to use a whole hole in a silicone hose, with will most certainly create a boost leak Evolution Racewerks created a CNC MAP sensor flange that retains the same OEM style o-ring seal.

The Diverter Valve Charge Pipe is available in the same 2 finish options as E.R. intercoolers. It is available in a mirror polish finish. They are also available with Type III Hard Black Anodizing for a cleaner, stealthy look. The Type III Hard Black Anodizing hardens and strengthens the aluminum piping making it more durable against accidental damage.
The Diverter Valve Charge Pipes are also available in any anodizing color you would like, but will need to be special ordered. These colors are only available in Type II Anodizing (aesthetics)

1/8" NPT Bungs (For Methanol or Nitrous Injectors:
Evolution Racewerks Charge Pips have the option of a 1/8" NPT threaded bung pre-welded to our diverter valve charge pipe. This allows you to quickly and easily install your choice of of methanol or nitrous injectors. You can add 1 or 2 bungs. Each 1/8" NPT bung includes a plug. Great Option for those looking to upgrade in the future!

Diverter Valve or Blow Off Valve (BOV) Options:
  • Factory diverter valves or aftermarket OEM style diverter valve
  • TIAL Blow Off Valve
  • HKS BOV flange welded on or with the SSQV BOV included.The HKS aluminum BOV flange is $25 extra which is included in the cost of the HKS SSQV 4 BOV when you order.
  • Diverter Valve Charge Pipe can also be built to utilize any BOV or diverter valve you require. Due various option for BOV's and diverter valves, its impossible to stock all the options.These are built to order.
Tech Note: 2009-2010 Charge Pipes

From June 2009 and on, BMW changed the intercooler piping on the N54 engine. The revised intercooler piping very similar to the previous years except for a small change. The accordion boot elbow between the lower intercooler piping and the diverter valve charge pipe was now integrated into pipe. In years prior, this accordion elbow was a separate part that was removable. Since it is now part of the new revised charge pipe it is no longer removable and require a specific charge pipe for the new N54 with a June 2009+ build date. These models charge pipes include what is knows as meth elbows, so they cost $50 more. If you have a 2006 to 6/2009 and want the elbow that replaces the OEM accordion elbow, you can purchase the 2010 model charge pipe.

Exhaust Modification WARNING!
Certain parts are intended for racing and off-road situations and not meant to be used on any public streets, road or highways. Some or all of these parts may not comply with Federal, State, Province, and/or Local laws, ordinances, and regulations. if is YOUR responsibility to ensure that any modifications or upgrades that you do to your vehicle conforms to all applicable laws and regulations for road use, especially pertaining to safety and emissions.

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