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Billet Dry Sump Kit - BMW E90 E92 M3 S65 Engine

Billet Dry Sump Kit - BMW E90 E92 M3 S65 Engine

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This billet dry sump kit for the BMW E90 E92 M3 S65 Engine has been race proven around the all around world from European Touring Cars to the USA's own famous sports car racing leagues there is no match for performance!

The CNC billet aluminum dry sump oil pan allows for an extremely streamlined installation by incorporating the 5 Stage Dailey Dry Sump Oil Pump with Built In Air Separator right into the pan's design. This make for not only a much cleaner design but allows for much quicker installation and service time. For anyone looking for the absolute maximum performance from their S65 engine this dry sump kit is the best way to always ensure your engine always has positive oil pressure. This Dry Sump Kit will help to maintain the best lubrication and oil pressure under hard acceleration, braking, cornering and extreme track temperatures unlike the wet sump applications which have a tendency to lose oil pressure during high G situations.

Benefits of a Dry Sump System:
  • Increased Oil Capacity - Since the oil is stored in an external tank you can make the capacity as large as you would like which can help to keep engine and oil temps lower.
  • Oil Management - In a typical wet sump system the oil is free to slosh around the oil pan which can lead to a sudden drop of pressure in high g-force corners or under heavy breaking. The dry sump system ensures there is always a positive feed of oil into the engine under all track conditions. The dry sump pump also scavenges the oil from the bottom of the crankcase to ensure there is never too much oil accumulating around the crankshaft which can slow it down and rob horsepower.
  • Lower Engine Height - Without the large wet sump type oil pan the engine is able to be mounted lower in the chassis helping to lower the vehicles center of gravity.
Fits the Following Vehicles & Engines
  • 2008 - 2013 BMW E90 E92 M3
  • S65B40
Contents of Complete Kit
  • Dailey Engineering 5 Stage Dry Sump Oil Pump with built in Air Seperator
  • CNC Billet Aluminum Dry Sump Oil Pan for BMW S65 Engine
  • Oil Pump Drive Gear, Belts & Pulleys
  • Billet Oil Block Assembly with Necessary Fittings
  • Required Block of Plates for S65 engine
  • Required Pulleys
  • Required Belts
  • Required Gaskets & Fittings
  • All Necessary parts to make installation virtually Bolt-On
An external oil tank and necessary lines are required. They are not included due to the many variations that are available regarding size and location.


Available Accessories
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