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Bottom End Gasket Set - BMW E30, M3, S14
Bottom End Gasket Set - BMW E30, M3, S14


SKU: 11111316993

Product Details
This set of OEM gaskets covers everything you might need when re-sealing the bottom-end of the E30 M3's S14 engine. Using a complete gasket set will save you time and money if you have the engine out of the car and are performing any major repairs with the oil pan and timing covers off the motor. This is the correct S14 bottom-end gasket set, not a re-packaged M10 kit.

This set of gaskets is a both a time and money saver. It includes all of the commonly replaced gaskets, seals, and o-rings when performing this overhaul. Having these on hand instead of chasing them down at the last minute will save you time, money, and frustration. With this area of the engine apart you're going to want or need to replace these items anyway to ensure it's free of fluid and vacuum leaks. This is especially important because some states have very strict emissions regulations and vacuum and oil leaks can lead to failed inspections tests. On newer cars this can also create issues in the on-board diagnostics system. Even if you're not pulling the head this set includes so many valuable parts you'll want to keep this on hand to use for spares.

Fits the Following Vehicles
  • 1987 - 1992 BMW E30 M3 2.3L or 2.5L conversion
  • 07119906328 2 large timing rail lower seal, 10x2

    · 07119963130 3 engine block plug gasket ring, A12x15.5

    · 07119963151 1 oil drain plug gasket ring, A12x17

    · 07119963200 2 block coolant drain gasket ring, A14x18

    · 11131727974 1 upper oil pan gasket

    · 11131727983 1 lower oil pan gasket

    · 11141308342 1 front crankshaft shaft seal, 44x60x10

    · 11141312616 1 timing cover gasket, left

    · 11141312617 1 timing cover gasket, right

    · 11141727975 1 rear main seal cover gasket

    · 11142249533 1 rear main seal, 90x110x12

    · 11411250421 2 oil pump hose o-ring

    · 11421312607 1 oil filter housing gasket

    · 11511309692 1 water pump profile gasket

    · 12611277129 1 oil sender gasket ring, 40x4

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