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JE/ATHENA COOPER RING CYLINDER Head Gasket BMW - 6cyl 3.0l Turbo N54B30A
Head Gasket BMW - 6cyl 3.0l Turbo N54B30A

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SKU: 11-HG-BMW-N54-86-1.5T

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JE is the importer for the Athena Cooper Ring Gaskets in the USA. The latest design features an improved sealing ring with triple groove for a perfect sealing. It has been tested and used on may engines with a boost level as high as 30 Psi.

ATHENA gasket features- For specific high horsepower applications, engine performance can be significantly improved by using Athena Cooper Ring gaskets that are supplied with INOX steel rings. This technology outperforms conventional fire ring solutions. Reinforced material M0115 (see featuresbelow): asbestos free composite raw material OE approved.

Stainless steel ring (AISI 304) separate stainless steel rings assure maximum sealing around cylinder bore also on NOS and/or turbo charges engines where boost is over 2 bars. No head and block machining required.

Silicon beading: Silicon-based beading is applied on critical areas to improve sealing around all cooling water and oil passages

Description- MOTORGASKET M0115 is composed of a pegged steel core. An asbestos-free soft material, which contains a blend of inorganic fillers and a high grade of aramide fibres and NBR as binder, is applied to both sides of the core.

Application- MOTORGASKET M0115 is suitable for cylinder head gaskets in internal combustion engines; intake and exhaust manifolds; other sealing areas exposed to high mechanical and thermal stress.

Properties- MOTORGASKET M0115 has a good mechanical and thermal stress, conforms well to sealing faces. MOTORGASKET M0115 is resistant to oils, fuels, mixtures of water and antifreeze or corrosion inhibitors

Surfaces- Coloured: Grey Top coating: /
Treatment: For stressed application special coatings are applied, e.g. a PTFE anti-stick coating or a special silicon coating which improves micro-sealing and silicon beading.

Fits the Following Vehicles
  • Bore Diameter 86.00mm X 1.5mm Thick
  • BMW - 6cyl 3.0l Turbo N54B30A

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