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Setrab 6 Series Coolers 16-Row Diff Cooler
Setrab 6 Series Coolers 16-Row Diff Cooler


SKU: 11-SET-EOC-616

Product Details
Setrab is the number one supplier of high-performance racing oil coolers to many of the winning teams in all areas of motorsports from around the world. Their track proven rugged construction has given Setrab a unmatched reputation of reliability making their coolers the first choice on our list! We've had great success using Setrab coolers to meet our cooling needs areas such as the engine, transmission, differential and power steering.

Setrab’s technical experts are the only professionals in the industry that can offer the same high-quality products and advice for small customer needs as for the high-performance automotive industry. Setrab coolers are used by the like of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and top professional racing team in F1, ALMS, Nascar, and Grand-Am. This has become the benchmark of their reputation among the world’s most successful race teams. No one can match Setrab quality across such a broad product line.

  • L = 13in.
  • H = 4.75in.
  • D = 2in.

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