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Turner Front Adjustable Camber/Caster Plates - Race - E9x Non-M RWD, E82/88 Non-M
TMS Front Adjustable Camber/Caster Plates - Race - E9x Non-M RWD, E82/88 Non-M


SKU: 33-TMS-021452TMS15

Product Details

We have spent the last two decades striving for ultimate performance on the racetrack, and transferring that knowledge gained from winning races onto the street. Our line of BMW performance parts combines high quality, great value, and most importantly, superior performance and adjustability that will allow you to dial in your ride to suit your driving style and allow your BMW to live up to its full potential.

These adjustable caster/camber plates are the perfect complement to stock springs or lowering springs, and allow you to compensate for a lower stance or choose a more aggressive alignment for superior handling.

Design Highlights include:

  • preserves the correct E9X RWD geometry
  • separate sliding camber and caster adjustments
  • maximum shock travel
  • lightweight
  • durable materials
  • large surface area
  • ease of use

The Turner E9X Non-M RWD Race Camber Plates are the most advanced design on the market. These are designed specifically for E90/92 Non-M RWD - no shortcuts or cookie-cutter components. Starting with a fresh design to make these very user friendly and easy to install and set up. The front suspension has unique geometry and the strut is mounted at an angle that can put significant side loading on the strut shaft if it's not located properly. The location and angles for the main bearing were carefully engineered to allow the proper motion ratio and strut angles during adjustment. This greatly reduces bending forces on the strut itself which improves performance and longevity. By designing for only one chassis, they were able to focus on what works best in that application - proper fitment and operation without unnecessary adapters, easy-to-use camber and caster adjustments, and an intelligent modular design.

Another important feature of these Camber Plates is the size of the upper plate. The plates have a very large surface area to better spread strut forces through the strut tower. A smaller upper plate, like those found on competitor's kits, will localize strut forces and contribute to strut tower deformation ('strut tower mushrooming'). This is a very important feature especially as these cars get older and spend more time on the track. Deformed strut towers are a serious performance and safety concern and our camber plates are properly designed to handle the loads. The factory strut reinforcement plates are not required with these camber plates (but you can use them if you want to).

Included is a hardware kit for use both 12mm and 14mm threaded strut shafts, as well as a square or tapered seats; no additional sleeves or bearing adapters required.

Features Include:

  • Camber Adjustment Range: 2+ degrees without removing strut from the vehicle - Verified on alignment rack
  • Caster adjustment range: 2.5+ degrees without removing strut from the vehicle - Verified on alignment rack
  • Reduces ride height by less than 14mm compared to OEM
  • Shock Pin position remains approximately the same compared to OEM
  • Compatible with OEM style springs and spring perches
  • Retains OE bump stop location and compatibility
  • FK FKSSX12T Maintenance-free, PTFE lined, stainless steel spherical bearing/monoball for low friction shaft articulation
  • Bearing utilizes lower and upper seals to prevent moisture and debris contamination for greatly improved bearing life
  • Included are two sleeve nut pairs. One pair of M12x1.5mm sleeve nuts and one pair of M14x1.5mm sleeve nuts.
  • Wide plate assembly offers excellent load distribution to address concerns with strut tower deformation

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