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TMS Hybrid Camber & Caster Plates E9X M3
TMS Hybrid Camber & Caster Plates E9X M3


SKU: 33-TMS-003407TMSKT1

Product Details

One of the tricks for getting your E9X M3 to handle better is to add negative camber to the front wheels. This will put more of the tire's width in contact with the ground during cornering. With more rubber, there is more grip. BMWs typically have less camber in the front to create understeer. But if you're running a stock setup on the track or autocross you are giving up speed and time as the front tires run out of grip sooner than they should.

Designed in-house for the highest quality and versatility possible, we are confident our Hybrid Camber Plates are the perfect solution for your BMW M3!

The first requirement we had envisioned for our plates is wide adjustability while the struts are still installed. This is to ensure that your suspension can be dialed in for either street or track without any issues. Our plates offer 3+ degrees of camber adjustment and 2.5+ degrees of caster adjustment.

The next key feature of our camber plates is long term reliability. To achieve this, maintenance free, PTFE lined, stainless steel spherical monoballs were utilized along with replaceable 80A polyurethane bushings, giving these plates a long bearing life and reduced NVH. To further increase longevity, the bearing design features upper and lower seals to keep out moisture and contaminants.

The final and most important design requirement was how these plates worked specifically with the E9X M3. To guarantee these plates were the best choice for your BMW, we designed these camber plates with as large of a surface area as possible to ensure even distribution of forces throughout the strut tower, preventing common mushrooming or cracking of the thin OE steel mounting location. We managed to accomplish this by staying close to the original suspension geometry, adding 13.5mm of height to the stock shock pin position and only 3.5mm overall to ride height. This ended up further benefitting vehicles with lowered suspension by improving shock travel distance and reducing the risk of bottoming out.

These camber plates are fully compatible with OEM bump stops, factory style springs or race springs. and include hardware that accommodates both square seat and tapered seat shock pins.

Features and Specifications:


  • Camber adjustment range: -1.4 to -3.1 degrees
  • Caster adjustment range: 6.7 to 9.0 degrees


  • Compatible with OEM bump stops
  • Compatible with stock and lowering springs with OE style pig tail
  • Compatible with square and taper seat shock pins - included hardware is for 16mm shock pin diameter
  • Stack height increased by only 3.5mm


  • Isolated by replaceable 80A polyurethane bushings - reduces NVH, improves bearing life
    • Reduces shock load on the bearing
  • FK FKSSX12T Maintenance free, PTFE lined, stainless steel spherical bearing (monoball) for full shaft articulation


  • Wide plate offering superior load distribution to address concerns with shock tower deformation
  • 13.5mm higher shock pin position for improved shock travel
    • Reduces potential for bottoming out on lower cars
  • Utilizes OEM spring perch pillow ball bearing 31331090612
    • Isolates vehicle weight from the spherical bearing to improve bearing life
  • Housing constructed from 6061-T6 alloy with type 2 black anodizing

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