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Achilles Motorsports Website Press Release
JULY 2013
Fresno, California

By Frank Vasquez


 Achilles Motorsports is pleased to announce the launch of their all-new web store.

BMW race engine components, dry sump kits, oil system upgrades, performance drivetrain improvements, specialized suspension components and many other high performance modifications for the street or race track are now available from Achilles Motorsports.

Founded in 2002, Achilles Motorsports sought out to engineer and build racecars with aeronautical precision and fanatical attention to detail. This forged the creation of many unique parts engineered and manufactured by Achilles Motorsports right here in the U.S.A.! Each part has been extensively tested in some of the harshest racing conditions in the world.

By partnering with various world-renowned parts manufactures and selling only products that have passed our strenuous quality and craftsmanship standards Achilles Motorsports is able to ensure our customers not only find the parts they need, but ensure they can Own Confidence!

Together the team at Achilles Motorsports has over 45 years’ experience with European racecars, performance tuning and high end vehicle service. This ensures the team at Achilles Motorsports can answer all your questions and provided you with the perfect solution for your individual needs.

For more information please visit online, contact us by phone or email at:

Phone: 559-276-5715

Social:            Facebook: www.facebook.com/achillesmotorsports

Instagram: www.instagram.com/AchillesMotorsports

Twitter: www.twitter.com/AchillesMS