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Achilles Motorsports Wins 3 of 3 at First BMWCCA Club Race on Thunderhill 5 Mile Course
November 21st, 2014
Fresno, California
By Frank Vasquez

Achilles Motorsports at Thunderhill

The beautiful weather and scenery at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA made for a fantastic weekend of racing with BMWCCA Club Racing who raced for their first time on the new 5 Mile combined East & West Track . Achilles Motorsports was able to sweep the weekend with 3 overall wins heading home with a 3 for 3 record.

This race weekend was the debut of the Achilles Motorsports latest generation S54 engine as the power plant for our #88 BMW E36. The newly developed engine was built using the complete catalog of Achilles Motorsports parts and the team was eager to see how the engine would perform in race conditions. We knew the power plant was packing a punch, producing sounds that were purely intoxicating, so we needed as much grip as possible to put it all down on the pavement. We looked to Hoosier's new S100 racing slicks to do the job. These new generation slicks from Hoosier offer much greater durability and performance which proved vital to our results for the weekend. We were also using a new big brake kit from Sparta Evolution who supplied us six-piston 355mm front and four-piston 345mm rear kits for development and testing.

This first race was Saturday afternoon and the #88 Achilles Motorsports E36, driven by VJ Mirzayan in C-Mod, started on the front row quickly taking the lead at the start before heading into turn 1. He was able to hold off the #33 C-Mod E46 M3 driven by Vic Pizzino in second and #17 B-Mod E92 M3 driven by Ralph Warren in third to solidify the first victory of the weekend. Jim Stevens also captured a podium finish in the I-Prepared class with his #34 Achilles Motorsports/Inverter Technology Inc E36. Going into Sunday's final two races we knew the last race was going to be a tough one. The first race was a normal 25 minute race, but the last race was scheduled to be a 45 minute long endeavor. With the tiny fuel cell in the back of the #88 E36 and racing on a single set of tires all weekend, VJ knew he had his work cut out for him. In the end he was able to stretch the fuel and thanks to the durability of the Hoosier tires and smart driving he was able to take the overall win in both races. Gregg Hughes also claimed a podium spot in both events in the I-Prepared class in his #96 Achilles Motorsports E36.

After all was said and done the BMWCCA Club Racing event made for an incredible weekend, bringing home three overall victories, leading every lap of the three races, and 3 podium finishes in I-Prepared showcasing the quality and effectiveness of Achilles Motorsports parts and engineering.

Special Thanks To:
Hoosier Tire

KW Suspensions


Sparta Evolution Brakes

Stand21 Racewear

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